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Bosch in Singapore

Bishan – SEA Headquarters

The location at a glance


  • Bosch Southeast Asia (headquarters)
  • Automotive Aftermarket (Asia Pacific)
  • Building Technologies
  • Thermotechnology (Southeast Asia)
  • Power Tools
  • Drive and Control (Southeast Asia)

Functional areas

  • Research and Technology Center (Asia Pacific)
  • Corporate Innovation Advance Development
  • IT Center

Subsidiaries and joint ventures

  • BSH Home Appliances Pte Ltd
  • Bosch Software Innovations

In addition to being the regional headquarters for Bosch in Southeast Asia, our Singapore office is also a home of the regional IT Center, the Research and Technology Center hub for Asia Pacific and the base for Corporate Innovation Advance Development.

In accordance with the “Invented for Life” principle, our building is a showcase of green building technology, with energy consumption 30 percent lower than comparable industrial buildings. Equipped with solar panels and smart air-conditioning and designed with ergonomics and workspace flexibility in mind, the Singapore office offers a unique, innovative working environment.

Bosch Singapore building

Our technical working environment

Cutting-edge research projects

The Asia Pacific Research and Technology teams in Singapore work on multiple technological scopes, from application of environmental sensors, healthcare and bioscience, and polymer-based sensor systems to intelligent energy management and smart city innovations. The innovative solutions developed in our research center have a direct effect on products and make a real difference in terms of efficiency, quality, and reliability. The top-of-the-line lab equipment allows us to search for new ideas and bring forward our innovative power.

Bosch research and technology teams

Building new solutions for Asia Pacific

Researcher at Bosch works on developing solution

Bosch researchers in Singapore work on developing solutions that help tackle the challenges specific to the developing Asian market such as food, water, and air quality. Whether it is smart and connected building technologies that adapt to environmental factors to ensure your comfort and safety or energy-efficient and smart electrical microgrids grids that respond seamlessly to the load needs, our research results help provide better quality of life with less environmental impact.

Maintaining the highest standards

In order to conduct our experiments under the most ideal conditions, we have built a clean room in our Singapore building. This allows work to be carried out in a highly protected environment so that sensor and actuator samples and prototypes can be produced with a very low level of contamination. This makes it possible for our researchers to fabricate sensors, test and characterize them under a variety of conditions, and work on projects involving environmental sensor technology, polymer-based sensor systems, functional devices based on organic materials or low-temperature processable metal oxides as functional films and their applications.

Highly protected environment

Solutions for connected future

Connectivity solutions at Bosch

Our research enables the arrival of a truly connected future. Rigorous data analytics and seamless collaboration between engineers and software developers allow Bosch to work on a diverse range of connectivity solutions, from micro-climate monitoring systems and cloud-enabled power grid controllers to traffic management frameworks for smart cities. Whether it is indoor comfort, energy optimization or smart mobility, we strive to build technologies that are efficient, reliable, and future-ready.

Emerging technologies

We want to be ready for the digital future – that’s why at Bosch, almost every second position deals with software. Emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, virtual reality, computer vision and blockchain will transform every area of our lives, from architecture and agriculture to mobility and manufacturing. With their innovative ideas, Bosch researchers and engineers help Bosch turn visions of the future into meaningful technology that is “Invented for life.”

Virtual reality

Working at our location

Flexible working areas at Bosch Singapore
Inspiring working conditions: Bosch paid particular attention to working conditions while refurbishing workspaces in Singapore. Our newly renovated office emanates the spirit of collaboration and teamwork. Fixed desks have been replaced with flexible working areas and the associates are encouraged to work at times and locations that suit them best.
Socializing area at Bosch Singapore
Communal spaces: We believe that the physical space contributes significantly to our overall wellbeing. Breakout areas are a place where associates can relax, socialize and discuss new ideas. A comfortable and bright working environment goes a long way in promoting engagement and productivity.
Creative office space at Bosch Singapore
Creative environment: We encourage movement and creative use of office space. Associates are able to enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere in the office with plenty of stimulating spaces that are lit with natural light.
Focused work
Freedom of choice: By offering different types of environments which support a range of working styles, preferences and activities, our associates have plenty of choices for collaboration, focused work, brainstorming, and recovery. Our ultimate goal is to make the associates feel energized, empowered, satisfied and engaged.
Well-designed office
Good corporate design: Clean lines, smart technology, green areas, trendy decor and wide, open spaces – we keep the associates’ wellness front of mind and believe that a well-designed office with interesting features improves overall productivity and creativity.

Location benefits

Benefits & services: Benefit from multiple services such as


On-site parking available for our employees.

Health & Sport

Free gym on-site, open 24/7.


Office cafeteria offers a selection of dishes, drinks and snacks.


We offer childcare leave and have partnership program with selected childcare centers nearby our office at a lower rate.

Company medical service

Our employees receive excellent medical insurance coverage.

Employee discounts

Bosch employees benefit from various discounts and offers from our partners.

Traffic and transport

Easily accessible by bus and MRT, our office is well connected to public transport.

Room for creativity

Our inspiring working environment allows ideas to thrive.

Urban infrastructure

Singapore is one of the most innovative cities in the world and a leader in the adoption of smart city initiatives.

Green surroundings

Enjoy the recreational opportunities offered by the MacRitchie Reservoir and Bishan Park.

Flexible and mobile work

We offer you flexible, technology-enabled work models.

 Walking distance from Marymount to Bosch SEA

Walking distance from Marymount to Bosch SEA